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New boutique condo in Toronto’s Glen Park neighbourhood is designed with visitors in mind

The vibrant and family-centric Glen Park neighbourhood in Toronto has a lot going for it — schools, synagogues, restaurants, shopping, transit. But Mark Mandelbaum, chairman of Lanterra Developments and a neighbourhood resident, noted one thing it didn’t have: a hotel.

As a father with five adult children living within a 10-minute walk of his home, Mandelbaum recognized there were others like him in the area with kids, parents or relatives visiting from out-of-town who wanted to stay close to their families. It was the inspiration for a new project integrating the luxury 23-suite Glenhill Hotel with the Glenhill Condominiums, a nine-storey building with 127 residences to rise at the corner of Bathurst St. and Glencairn Ave. in the neighbourhood that has a large Jewish population.

“I studied the market and there’s The Pillar Hotel in London, a converted monastery that’s a Jewish hotel with 37 rooms,” says Mandelbaum. “It’s very popular. In this area, whether you are Jewish or not, if you have family in the area, you don’t want to go downtown to a hotel.”

Mandelbam felt it was important the rooms be spacious enough to accommodate children travelling with parents (thus hotel suites are 500 to 1,000 square feet) and have amenities where guests can host dinner parties and other celebrations. The Glenhill Hotel will include a banquet facility, lounge, bar, and private event space. Guests will have shared access to the condominium’s ninth floor lounge, outdoor pool, as well as rooftop fitness centre and terrace with barbecues and a communal gazebo. Hotel guests and condominium residents will enter through separate lobbies, each will have a luxury lounge, a 24-hour concierge with porter service and a parcel delivery room.

The mixed-use Glenhill development will be a key component in Bathurst St.’s revitalization and help to animate that block. At street level, the building will add new retail and commercial space and on its west side, will include a 260-foot linear park from Glencairn Ave. to Hillmount. It will be close to planned new city amenities such as the proposed pedestrian bridge over Allen Rd. to connect the York and Kay Gardner Beltline Trails. The subway is a five-minute walk from The Glenhill, there are bike lanes along Bathurst St., and Hwy. 401 and Pearson airport are a short drive away.

“A block like this comes up once in a lifetime and has exactly the right dimensions. The stars were aligned,” says Mandelbaum.

“These are unique buildings. In a sense they are like little jewels and set very specific demographic targets,” says Mandelbaum, whose firm has built many larger-scale downtown developments. “Glenhill is unique in a number of respects and it’s personal for me. It’s the epicentre of the Bathurst community, in the heart of a vibrant, affluent community. It’s not an investor building but more for end users. Its units are much larger than typical units as people want to stay in the community and downsize from large houses. All of the institutional things and shopping are there. It’s not just a Jewish building. It will attract many different ethnic backgrounds.” The residential condo units will be 1,000 to over 5,000 square feet in size, priced from $1.1 million to just under $7 million.

Studio Munge will do the interior design for the project and its founder and design director, Alessandro Munge, has travelled with Mandelbaum on research trips around the world for multiple projects they’ve worked on together. “Thinking about Glenhill as a hotel and residential development, we were inspired by the collection of adventures, rather than a single destination because this property isn’t thematic; it represents a life journey. It is about the curation of memories and beautiful objects collected around the world.”

Munge says his inspiration for Glenhill Condominiums and Hotel was heritage reimagined, giving the building a sense of sophistication rooted in tradition, yet with a contemporary twist.

He says while the residences and hotel will be separate, there will be an amenity where families can gather under one roof. “Supporting that connection between individuals and generations is a great honour and incredibly rewarding.” The lobbies of condo and hotel will have stately columns clad with natural stone, lavish leather-panelled walls and custom-cut marble floors with metal inlays. The reception desk will sit in front of custom-designed screens and the lounges will feature a collection of high-end designer furniture and contemporary artwork. The hotel will be supported by hospitality consultant Tony Cohen of Global Edge Investments, one of the original owners of Toronto’s Thompson Hotel and Le Germain Hotel, and food service will be five-star level.

Condo residents will enjoy exclusive amenities such as a lower-level pool with hot tub, wet and dry saunas and massage room. Suites will have ceilings up to 10 feet, finishes that can be customized such as laminate or engineered wood floors, soaker tub and glass shower. A presentation centre at 2989 Bathurst St., a few blocks from where the Glenhill will sit, showcases what buyers can expect in terms of architecture, design and features.


Lanterra’s Glenhill project to incorporate hotel into condo building

TORONTO — Lanterra Developments has released plans for the integration of Glenhill Hotel into its Glenhill Condominiums project in the Glen Park neighbourhood of northeast Toronto.

The nine-storey luxury boutique building on Bathurst Street will include 23 hotel suites ranging from 500 to 1,000 square feet in addition to 127 residential units, stated a release.

The residences will range in size from 1,000 to over 5,000 square feet with pricing from $1.1 million to just under $7 million.

The building’s ground level will feature 1,020 square metres of retail/commercial space and the west side of the building will be set adjacent to a 260-foot linear park stretching from Glencairn to Hillmount.

Construction is now underway on the project. Glenhill was designed by the IBI Group with a precast framed podium and cascading balconies on the upper floors.

Interiors are by Studio Munge and will feature marble floors and columns clad with natural stone.

Amenities include a ninth-floor lounge, outdoor pool, rooftop fitness centre and terrace with barbecues and a communal gazebo. Condominium residents will also have access to a lower-level indoor pool with a hot tub, wet and dry saunas and massage room.


Lanterra Developments: Glenhill Condominiums

Lanterra Developments, the award-winning Toronto condominium developers who are known for their collection of iconic Toronto properties, including One Bedford, are now unveiling their newest luxury building, Glenhill Condominiums. Under the administration of The Forest Hill Group, a market leader in luxury property management, residents of this new residence will have an elite living experience.

This is an elegant nine-storey luxury boutique building located in the Glen Park neighbourhood of North York, Toronto’s coveted and exclusive Bathurst & Glencairn area. It includes a hotel with 22 suites, as well as 1,020 square metres of retail/commercial space at floor level. This project is unlike anything else in the area with an intimate and exclusive condominium that will have 113 units, including two- and three-bedroom units.

“A home is a place defined by the heart of its people. A space to come together, to live, to love, to make memories and celebrate the beauty of life all around.”

Location is everything, and this location is one of the best the city has to offer. With all the necessities at your fingertips, this condominium offers it all. Set in a coveted neighbourhood, it celebrates the warm embrace of a community feel. On the west side of this new residence, there is a 260-foot linear park that further adds to the sense of community. The area has amazing local restaurants, clothing and grocery stores.

The stunning residences range from 1,000 square feet to more than 5,000 square feet. There are two beautiful lobbies that feature a relaxing lounge and two dedicated 24-hour concierges that include porter services as well as a parcel delivery room. Interiors are led by Studio Munge with custom-cut marble floors and majestic columns clad with natural stone.

The architecture of the building is by the celebrated IBI Group, which captures new world elegance with modern five-star amenities. This luxury customed-designed residence is defined by distinction and its unique expression of upscale living. The suites have striking eight- to nine-foot ceilings as well as customizable finishes, including high-performance laminate floors or engineered floors in the kitchens. The bathrooms are the pinnacle of luxury with a five-foot soaker tub or shower with a glass panel. It features two pools, a lower-level indoor pool and hot tub, wet and dry saunas and a ninth-floor outdoor pool on the terrace. Fitness amenities include personal training, a yoga studio, a massage room and fitness facilities. This location also features a library for residents to use.

The feature of having a hotel on one side of the building makes it the perfect option for those who have families that visit them. The hotel includes 23 individual suites of various sizes, exclusive function areas, amenities and services that complement guests’ needs.

If you are looking to live in the lap of luxury, Glenhill Condominiums is the perfect location for you. To learn more, visit


Lanterra breaks ground on Toronto’s Glenhill Condos

LANTERRA — The Glenhill Condominiums project in Toronto will include a hotel with 22 suites as well as 113 residential units.

TORONTO — Lanterra Developments has announced groundbreaking on its Glenhill Condominiums project at the corner of Bathurst Street and Glencairn Avenue in Toronto.

The nine-storey luxury boutique building will include a hotel with 22 suites as well as 1,020 square metres of retail/commercial space at the ground level. It will house a total of 113 units, comprised of two- and three-bedroom units.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held Oct. 3.

The residences will range from 1,000 square feet to over 5,000 square feet with pricing from $1,019,900 to over $6 million. Architecture is by IBI Group with interiors by Studio Munge.

Design features include marble floors and columns clad with natural stone; suites with eight- or nine-foot ceilings; and two lobbies with a parcel delivery room.

Amenities include 24-hour concierges with porter services, a lower-level indoor pool with hot tub, wet and dry saunas, a massage room and a ninth-floor outdoor pool on a terrace.

Personal training, a yoga studio, fitness facilities and a library are also available to residents.

LANTERRA — Studio Munge founder and design director Alessandro Munge (left) and Mark Mandelbaum, chairman of Lanterra Developments, celebrated the construction launch of Glenhill Condominiums in Toronto Oct. 3.


Source: Canada Construct Connect

Glenhill Groundbreaking Ceremony

Lanterra Developments is excited to begin construction on its newest building, the luxurious, and thoughtfully designed Glenhill Condominiums. This 9-storey luxury boutique building located in the Glen Park neighbourhood at the corner of Bathurst and Glencairn will proudly be part of the revitalization of Bathurst Street.

Yesterday Lanterra broke ground on Glenhill Condominiums with City Counsellor Michael Colle in attendance who spoke about the neighbourhood and its development into an inspirational area for residents and retailers. Mr. Coelle noted that this building will set the standard for what the city is calling ‘Better Bathurst’ – an initiative to make Bathurst Street more animated and alive with incrdible offerings. You can access and download photos of the ceremony, here.

This building will stand out in the neighbourhood for its unique features, including a hotel with 22 suites, as well as 1,020 m2 of retail/commercial space at the ground level. It will house a total of 113 units, comprised of two- and three-bedroom units.

Other Key Features of Glenhill Condominiums:

  • Lavish residences range from 1,000 sq.ft. to over 5,000 sq.ft. & pricing from $1,019,900 to over $6 million

  • Two stunning lobbies with an inviting lounge + two dedicated, 24-hour concierges with porter services as well as a parcel delivery room

  • Acclaimed Studio Munge led interiors with exquisite custom-cut marble floors complemented by majestic columns clad with natural stone

  • Suites have 8 to 9 ft ceilings and customizable finishes such as high-performance laminate floors or engineered floors in the kitchens + luxury bathrooms with a 5′ soaker tub or shower with glass panel

  • Inspiring, rejuvenating amenities such as a lower-level indoor pool with hot tub, wet and dry saunas, massage room and more + a 9th-floor outdoor pool on a terrace

  • Personal training, a yoga studio, fitness facilities, and a library are also available to residents

  • Architecture by the celebrated IBI Group captures a new world elegance enhanced with contemporary cachet, featuring a robust precast framed podium with elegant cascading balconies on the upper floors


An experience you won’t find elsewhere

A new study of the most affluent households worldwide by Luxury Portfolio International reveals the top three home ‘features’ are great internet connection (66%), quiet spaces for each family member (56%) and chef’s kitchen (53%).

Designer Alessandro Munge weighs in on top luxury features according to study of world’s most affluent households

The world’s most affluent homeowners may be looking for great internet connection, quiet spaces for family members, chef’s kitchens, home gyms and home theatres as the top five “luxury must haves” in their next home purchase, but here in the GTA, the concept of luxury is less about physical attributes and more about the experience a home delivers.

“Clients don’t come to me because of what’s been done. They come to me because of what they don’t know is out there,” says Italian designer Alessandro Munge, founder and principal of Studio Munge, who believes true luxury lies in discovering that one characteristic of a home that can’t be readily replicated, regardless of the cost.

To Munge, the recent study by Luxury Portfolio International — which lists top home features reported by more than 3,000 affluent worldwide buyers — reads more like a standard features list. In addition to the top five mentioned, homeowners participating in the survey also cited outdoor living area, home office, playroom, wine cellar, games room, on-property guest house, dual-key residence and rooms for live-in help, all of which sound lavish but none of which surprise Munge.

“It’s almost like saying, ‘I crave a glass of water every day.’ It’s standard,” said Munge. “If a client said, ‘We’re thinking the foyer has to be marble,” I’d be yawning. Of course you’re going to get marble – that’s not even a discussion – but what else?”

What the top tier of the luxury market really searches for as a must have, he stresses, are aspects that represent the next level of design. Rather than consulting a feature list, Munge treats each luxury home project as a blank canvas, looking to push the envelope by designing interiors that deliver an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s an intimate process based on interviews and discussions to ensure the right fit with a client, and when it works, Munge lands on the one or two wow factors that will make a home priceless.

“We look for something they can emotionally connect to that is far beyond what their neighbour would have, far beyond what their friends would have, and more importantly, is specific to them,” said Munge. “In this market, it’s not about cookie cutter solutions. It’s a way of life.”

When designing interiors for the luxury condo market, a similar concept applies, but for a wider audience. A tagline for Glenhill Condominiums by Lanterra, a limited collection of lavish residences at Bathurst and Glencairn with interiors by Studio Munge, reads “a special place defined by its people.”

For Munge, that means predicting who is likely to buy there and designing public amenities that connect to them, such as personal fitness pods or the small boutique hotel for guests. In fact, you could say the very act of trying to compile a top list of luxury home features somehow lessens the luxury.

“It’s about creating parts of the home that say, ‘You can’t experience this unless you’re here.’ That’s the power and it has nothing to do with the cost of stone (or other materials),” says Munge. “… There’s nothing more you can put on the table that luxury homeowners haven’t already experienced, except more experiences.”


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